Delta, Adaptive Delta, Sigma Delta Modulator and Demodulator

Delta, Adaptive Delta, Sigma Delta Modulator and Demodulator
Scientech 2803

Product Description

Scientech TechBooks are compact and user friendly learning platforms to provide a modern, portable, comprehensive and practical way to learn Technology. Each TechBook is provided with detailed Multimedia learning material which covers basic theory, step by step procedure to conduct the experiment and other useful information.

Scientech TechBook 2803 provides an extensive hands on learning  on Delta, Adaptive Delta, Sigma Delta Modulator & Demodulator. It is an ideal teaching aid to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  • Modulator and Demodulator on same board
  • On-board DDS Signal Generator for standard and Arbitrary signals
  • Selectable Sampling Frequencies
  • On board Transmission effect
  • Selectable step size for Integrator
  • Detailed study of granular noise and slope overloading
  • On board 2nd order Butterworth Low Pass filter
  • SMD LED Indicators
  • Can be issued just like a book for hands-on learning

Scope of Learning

Delta Modulator & Demodulator

  • Study and analysis of delta modulation and demodulation.

  • Study and analysis of sample & hold output by varying the Sampling as well as signal frequency.

  • Study and analysis of Integrator output at the modulator by varying the sampling frequency.

  • Study and analyze the improved Integrator output by varying the gain control frequency.

  • Understand slope overload distortion problem, granular noise problem

  • Analyze single bit delta modulated PCM output, Integrator output at the demodulator.

  • Analyze the final delta demodulated output with second order low pass Butterworth filter. 

Adaptive Delta Modulator & Demodulator

  • Study and analysis of adaptive delta modulation.

  • Study and analysis of single bit PCM output by varying the sampling frequency.

  • Analyze variable step register at the modulator side, accumulator and add/subtract at the modulator side.

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