TDM Pulse Code Modulation & Transmitter

TDM Pulse Code Modulation & Transmitter
Scientech 2153

Product Description

Scientech 2153 TDM Pulse code modulation and Transmitter demonstrates Pulse Code Modulation Technique which is most widely used in digital modulation system. Since analog modulation system is most prone to noise present in the channel and receiver, the digital modulation system is used because it is less sensitive to noise. The basis of digital modulation systems lies on pulse code modulation i.e. a particular characteristic of the pulse is varied in accordance with the information signal. In PCM system the amplitude of the sampled waveform at definite time intervals is represented as a binary code.

Scientech 2153, TDM Pulse Code Modulation & Transmitter is an ideal teaching aid to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  • Crystal Controlled Clock
  • On-board Sine Wave Generator (Synchronized)
  • 2 TDM Analog Channels
  • PCM Transmitter
  • Fast & Slow modes for real time operation and data flow examination
  • Error check code options (odd-even parity, Hamming Code)
  • 4 Switched faults allow different Error Check Options

Scope of Learning

Digital Communication System

  • Study of error checks codes.

A/D Conversion

  • Study of Analog to Digital conversion.

Digital Transmission

  • Study of control signals and their timing

Time Division Multiplexing

  • Study of Time Division Multiplexing

  • Study of Pseudo Random Sync Code  Generator

  • Study of three modes of transmission

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