Data Acquisition Systems

Nvis Technologies is a big DAQ Products Manufacturer as well as Supplier. It has a wide line of products to understand the phenomenon of Data Acquisition System. These products are used to collect information from different ongoing phenomenon into the computer, for processing, documenting, analyzing, storing and signal conditioning. A Data Acquisition is the process of measuring electrical as well as physical parameters such as voltage, current, pressure, temperature, intensity of sound, and fluid flow, etc.

Data Acquisition Systems have its contribution in a wide range of activities of day-to-day life. Most commonly, it is used to measure the electrical signals from some sensor. These signals may represent the state of a physical process, such as the position and orientation of machine tools, the temperature of a furnace or the size and shape of a manufactured component. Data Acquisition Systems are widely used today in home automation systems, industrial monitoring and control as well as in a variety of other time-critical applications. Installation of Data Acquisition Solutions in Industries is a flexible and cost-effective measurement solutions. Today, Data Acquisition Systems along with "Internet of Things" have led to development of many applications.

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Data Acquisition Systems For Office / Home Automation

A DAQ system mainly consists of five main components - Transducers and sensors, Signals, Signal conditioning, DAQ hardware and Driver and application software. A DAQ System begins with measuring physical phenomenons such as temperature of a room, intensity of light, pressure inside a chamber etc. A transducer or a sensor converts these physical phenomenons into measurable electrical signals, usually into current or voltage. If these signals are difficult enough to be measured by the DAQ System, then they are first conditioned, in which the signal is made free from extra noise, varying voltage and then measured. Signal conditioning maximizes the accuracy of a system, it allows sensors to operate properly, and guarantees safety. These signals are then send to DAQ hardware which digitizes the received analog signals and acts as an interface between the computer and the user. The Driver Software acts as a communication layer between application software and the hardware. It transforms the PC and the DAQ hardware into a complete data acquisition, analysis, and presentation tool. Application software adds analysis and presentation capabilities to driver software. The application layer can be used to design a self customized application or predefined configuration-based programs can also be used.

With the advancement of technology, DAQ's process has been simplified through various electronic equipment and is more accurate and reliable. The recording instrument used in the DAQ system can be a sophisticated computer system or even a smart phone.

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