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Electronic world is going towards miniaturization, More features and Functionality, High speed, Low power consumption and Portable Size are the priority demand from the consumer side and are challenges for Electronic gadgets manufacturer.

The technology because of which the above demands and challenges have been fulfilled so far and are in a continuous process is known as VLSI. VLSI means Very Large Scale integration where researchers are working to incorporate large scale integration of electronic devices on a single silica chip “Integrated Circuit or IC”to fulfill the market demand.

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More About VLSI Technology

VLSI is mainly divided into two major domains, first one is called VLSI Front End and second is VLSI Back end.

The front-end flow is responsible to determine a solution for a given problem or opportunity and transform it into a RTL circuit description. PLD(Programmable logic Devices) like FPGA (Field Programmable get array) and CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Devices) are used in front-end VLSI. A Hardware Description Language like VHDL and Verilog are used to reconfigure these devices for the specific required functionality. FPGAs and CPLDs are re-programmable devices with different internal architecture. Circuit Designed using PLDs are generally used for prototyping, Parallel and High speed processing and as a part of functional verification in back-end VLSI design.

The back-end process is responsible for the physical implementation of a circuit inside a silica chip. It is totally a different approach used for Integrated Circuit Design where synthesizable HDL codes also called as RTL description or directly CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) technology is used for physical IC (Integrated Circuit) design, Back-end designs are preferred for when there is a high volume or Application Specific Integrated Circuits(ASICs) are required.

Many of our products are based on VLSI technology which includes TMI (Test and Measurement) products, Telecommunication Communication etc. We are also having wide range in front-end VLSI for technology Training. Scientech have VLSI Development Platform which includes low cost CPLD Development Platform, FPGA Development Platform, Wireless Development Platform, Wireless Sensor Network Development Platform and Universal Development Platform which supports Multiple devices like FPGA, CPLD, ARM7, CoolRunner CPLD etc., from multiple vendors which includes Xilinx, Altera and many more. Some VLSI Development Platform also comes with On-board Peripherals and some has free I/Os where multiple available application boards can be used. We also provide extensive learning material with all of our products for better understanding.

For more information about any of our solutions, please feel free to contact us.

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