Sampling & Reconstruction Technique

Sampling & Reconstruction Technique
Scientech 2151

Product Description

Scientech Sampling and Reconstruction 2151 demonstrates the basic scheme used to transmit an information signal. It covers very basic concepts like Nyquist criteria, role of sample amplifier, sample and hold amplifier, and duty cycle of sampling pulse while transmitting a signal. It also demonstrates signal recovery using low pass filters of different orders. Scientech 2151 has built in 1 KHz (5Vp-p) sine wave generator as an onboard signal to demonstrate completely, the sampling and reconstruction technique.

To understand the process for audio signal, the Audio Input and Audio Output circuits are provided on board along with mic and built-in speaker. The aim is to transmit the signals in digital form and is to reproduce this information signal in analog form at the receiving end of the communication system with the help of Sampling and Reconstruction technique.

Scientech 2151, Sampling & Reconstruction Technique is an ideal teaching aid to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  •  Crystal controlled pulse generator
  •  Demonstrates sampling and reconstruction as per nyquist criterion
  •  On-board synchronized analog signal generator
  •  Six switch selectable sampling frequencies
  •  Sampling pulse duty-cycle selectable
  •  Internal/External sampling signal selectable
  •  Separate sample and sample/hold outputs available
  •  On-board second order and fourth order low-pass filters
  •  Audio Input and Output links to show the transmission and reception of real time signal (audio signal)

Scope of Learning

  • Study of Sampling and Reconstruction techniques

  • Study Nyquist criteria for Sampling and Reconstructing signal

  • Study effect of Sample amplifier and Sample and Hold  amplifier on reconstructed signal

  • Study effect of Sample /Hold Circuitry on reconstructed waveform

  • Study and compare responses of 2nd order and 4th order LPFs

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