Spectrum Analyzers

Scientech offers wide range of high quality spectrum analyzers including audio spectrum analyzer, RF Spectrum Analyzer and more at the best prices in India.

Spectrum analyzers are widely used within the electronics industry for analyzing the frequency spectrum of radio frequency, RF and audio signals. RF spectrum analyzers are an essential tool for RF and other engineers, providing a view of the spectrum of signals with their amplitudes and frequencies. Spectrum analyzers can display signals up into the GHz range.


Building Channel Limits

Firmware included within Rigol`s DSA800 Series provides a Pass/Fail Option that automatically determines if its measurements are within programmed limits.

Measure an RF Amplifier

This document provides step-by-step instructions on using the Rigol DSA-800 series of Spectrum Analyzers to measure the characteristics of an RF Amplifier.

Measure an RF Bandpass filter

This document provides step-by-step instructions on using the Rigol DSA-800 series of Spectrum Analyzers to measure the characteristics of an RF Bandpass filter.

FM Demodulation

This application note is designed to show FM data transmission and modulation using some common test instruments.

Measure a Cable/Connector Loss

Cables and connectors can have a dramatic effect on the accuracy and validity of measurements on additional components.

Introduction to Swept Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum analyzers based on swept super heterodyne designs are very popular. This is due, in part, to their low noise, ease of use, and ability to differentiate between signals that have very close frequencies.

Selecting an Optimal Antenna for your IoT Design

For IoT devices that utilize radio frequency (RF) communication, one of the greatest opportunities to improve the design of the device while also improving the range and quality

ASK / FSK Test System for Keyless Entry

RIGOL Technologies extended the RF test system of DSA800 spectrum analyzer with additional tests for passive key less entry systems.

EMC Precompliance Testing: Conducted Emissions

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can cause undesirable effects on electronic products. These effects can range from annoying glitches to rendering a product unusable.

EMC Pre-Compliance Testing: Near Field Probing

Electronic products can emit unwanted electromagnetic radiation, or electromagnetic interference (EMI). Regulatory agencies, such as the FCC in North America, create standards that define the allowable limits of EMI over specific frequency ranges.

EMC Pre-Compliance Testing: Visualization, Validation & Debug

One of the best methods to lower the additional costs associated with EMC compliance is to perform EMC testing throughout the design process well before sending the product off for full compliance testing.

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer vs Spectrum Analyzer

Today the RF industry has to face more and more the open question, how to transport the data from my test device (DUT) to different receiver spots (like to transmit data into World Wide Web).

Running the DSA815 from a battery

Although the size and weight of the DSA800's make it attractive for use in locations where there is no power, it suffers from the lack of an internal battery.

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