Delta Modulation and Demodulation Techniques

Delta Modulation and Demodulation Techniques
Scientech 2155

Product Description

Scientech 2155 Delta Modulation and Demodulation Techniques demonstrates the delta, adaptive delta and sigma delta modulation and demodulation schemes. It covers the concepts of slope overloading and Its effects on a signal. It also explains the concepts of removing slope overloading error by increasing clock frequency and using the technique of adaptive delta modulation.

Scientech 2155, Delta Modulation and Demodulation Techniques is an ideal teaching aid to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  • Transmitter and Receiver on same board
  • Clock generation from crystal
  • Switch selectable sampling rates
  • Four on-board generators at 4 different frequencies (synchronized)
  • Separate adjustable DC level
  • Selectable integrator gain setting (by switch or control circuit)
  • On board 4th order Butterworth low pass filter
  • Unipolar to Bipolar converter on board
  • Online Product Tutorials

Scope of Learning

  • Study of Delta Modulation and Demodulation

  • Study of Adaptive Delta Modulation and Demodulation

  • Study of Delta Sigma Modulation and Demodulation

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