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Power electronics has found an important place in modern technology being a core of power and energy control.The subject of Power Electronics is the merger of the field of electrical power system and solid state electronic devices. It is the discipline that involves the study, analysis, and design of circuits that convert electrical energy from one form to another. Almost all the new electrical and electromechanical equipment contain power circuits.

The power levels encountered in this field range from less than one watt in supplies for the battery operated portable equipment to tens, hundreds or thousands of watts in power units of office equipments, kilowatts to megawatts in adjustable-speed ac and dc drives, approaching megawatts in the rectifiers and inverters that interface the local transmission lines with the high power systems. In the last decade, power electronics and electrical drives have deeply penetrated the renewable energy sector.

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Power Electronics Devices

Today, power electronics is a rapidly expanding field in electrical engineering and a scope of the technology covers a wide spectrum of electronic converters. This is due to the progress in electronic components and equipment development that has been achieved in the last few decades. The power conversion systems can be classified according to the type of the input and output power as AC/DC converters (Rectifier), DC/AC converters (Inverter), AC/AC converters (AC Voltage Controller & Cycloconverter), DC/DC converters (Chopper).

In turn, each systems consists of the primary electronic elements that are resistors, capacitors, transformers, inductors (choke coils), frames, etc and basic classes of semiconductor devices such as Diodes, Diacs, Triacs, Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR), Gate Turn-Off Thyristors (GTO), MOS Controlled Thyristors (MCT), Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT), Field Effect Transistors (FET), Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFET), Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT), etc

Many of our products are based on latest power electronic techniques wih the prior goal is to introduce students and working engineers involved in power and energy conversion to the basics of this discipline with practical approach. Offering Solutions provides a wealth of technical information and contributes to learning the design of circuits and equipments based on electronic components. We also provide extensive learning material with all of our solutions for better understanding.

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