Understanding Noise Generator and its Applications

Understanding Noise Generator and its Applications

Product Description

Scientech TechBooks are compact and user-friendly learning platforms to provide a modern portable, comprehensive and practical way to learning Technology. Each TechBook is provided with detailed Multimedia learning material which covers basic theory step by step procedure to conduct the experiment and other useful information. Scientech TechBook 2806 provides and extensive hands-on learning on Noise Generator and its applications.

Product Features

  • Detailed study & analysis of Signal with & without Noise.
  • Complete study of mathematical equation y(t) = x(t) + n(t).
  • Selectable Signal frequencies.
  • On-board DDS Signal Generator for standard and arbitrary signals.
  • Can be issued just like a book for hands-on learning.

Scope of Learning

Study of different types of Noise and their frequency spectrum

  • White Noise

  • Additive White

  • Gaussian Noise

  • Pseudo-Random Noise

Practical implementation of the mathematical equation:

  • y(t) = x(t) + n(t)

Study and analysis of Signal to Noise ratio

  • By varying Noise amplitude

  • By varying Signal amplitude

Study and analysis of eye pattern with and without Noise.

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