FPGA Development Platform

Product Description

Scientech 102A is Spartan3 FPGA based development board and platform for students and designers to rapidly prototype FPGA-based designs. Wirewrap or manually soldered board or more than 15 ready to use application boards at a very low cost can be used to design various small & big applications.

Functional Explanation of FPGA Development Platform:

  • The FPGA includes 400K gate count and its interior circuit uses the SRAM cells architecture.
  • Therefore its speed has reached several hundred MHz.
  • Data can be stored in an EPROM as a final design depends on the circuit size.
  • The connecting pins of FPGA could arbitrarily set, and the input/output port need not use the single wire to be connected for signal output in order to avoid the experimental mistake to destroy the board
  • It has four, 40pin IDC connector to interface the compatible VB Series boards & can also be used to connect external digital design.
  • Mode select for downloading bit stream into FPGA or EPROM On-board user selectable clock up to 25MHz

Scientech 102A, FPGA Development Board is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  • XILINX Spartan3, FPGA development board contains FPGA 400K Gates, 8064 logic cells)
  • I/O ports 136, Number of pins 208
  • 40 Pin, 4 header connector for external I/Os
  • Xilinx Webpack Development Software CD
  • Sample Code for Board Testing
  • Compatible with more than 15 Application Boards (Optional)
  • On Board Crystal Oscillators and EPROM for FPGA backup

Scope of Learning

  • Basic gates, Flip-Flop, counters, resisters

  • Multiplexer/ Demultiplexer, Encoder, Decoder

  • ALU, Real Time Clock, Traffic light Controller

  • IP for peripheral interface, ADC-DAC, Memory interface and many more applications by combining Scientech 102A & Compatible application Boards

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