Fiber Optics Training Kit Scientech 2502

Product Description

Scientech TechBooks are compact and user friendly learning platforms to provide a modern, portable, comprehensive and practical way to learn Technology. Each TechBook is provided with detailed Multimedia learning material which covers basic theory, step by step procedure to conduct the experiment and other useful information.

Scientech 2502 Fiber Optic Communication TechBook demonstrate Full Duplex method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an Optical fiber the light forms electromagnetic wave that is modulated to carry information.

Fiber Optics Communication Scientech 2502 is Advanced Fiber Optic Techbook is basicaly designed to learn the communication techniques in Fiber Optics. The trainer demonstrates properties of Fiber Optics Transmitter & Receiver, characteristics of Fiber Optics Cable, different types of Modulation / Demodulation techniques and PC to PC communication via fiber link using RS232 interface. It can also be used to demonstrate various Digital Communication Techniques via Fiber Optic link using Scientech Digital Communication techbooks.

Scientech 2502, Optical Fiber Communication is an ideal teaching aid to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  • Full Duplex Analog & Digital Trans-receiver
  • Single Module covering large number of experiments including experiments with Optical Power Meter
  • 660 nm & 950 nm channel with Transmitter & Receiver
  • AM-FM-PWM modulation / demodulation
  • PC-PC comm. with RS232 ports & software
  • On board Function Generator
  • Crystal Controlled Clock
  • Functional Blocks indicated on-board mimic
  • Input-output & test points provided on board
  • On board voice link
  • Built in DC power supply
  • Numerical Aperture measurement jig and mandrel for bending loss measurement
  • Switched faults on Transmitter & Receiver

Scope of Learning

  • Setting up Fiber Optic Analog & Digital Link

  • AM system using Analog & Digital Input Signals

  • Frequency Modulation System and Pulse Width Modulation System

  • Study of Propagation Loss, Bending Loss & Measurement of Numerical Aperture

  • Characteristics of Fiber Optic Communication Link

  • Setting of Fiber Optic Voice Link using Amplitude, Frequency & PWM Modulation

  • Study of Switched Faults in AM, FM & PWM system

  • Full Duplex Computer Communication using RS232 ports and software

  • V-I Characteristics of LED ( E - O converter)

  • Characteristics of Photo Detector


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