5 1/2 Digital BenchTop Multimeters

5 1/2 Digital BenchTop Multimeters
Scientech 62

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Product Description

The Scientech 62 are 5 digit high speed, high accuracy, Digital Bench Top Multimeters that meet the measurement needs of voltage-current and resistor accurate measurements. Their outstanding performances, such as fast reading rates (Max. 45 Readings/Second) and DC voltage measurement accuracy up to 0.005% provide a high standard in your work bench.

Product Features

  • 12 different measurement capabilities
  •  DCV/ACV, DCI/ACI, W2 W/W4 W, Frequency/ period Diode Test /continuity- dB/dBm etc.
  •  High brightness vaccum fluorescent dual display
  •  True-rms AC voltage and current measurement, Frequency bandwidth up to 100 KHz/300 KHz
  •  DCV measurement accuracy up to 0.01 % / 0.005, resolution; 1 mV/0.1JL/V
  •  Max. measurement rate: 45 results per second
  •  Equal accuracy frequency measurement greater than 1 MHz, Min resolution 10 mHz
  •  Zeroing (REL) mode
  •  2 W, 4 W Resistance measurement
  •  Build in mX+b, %, dB, dBm etc. mathematics calculation function
  •  512 reading storage and MAX/ MIN/ AVER/ STD statistics
  •  HI/ IN/ LO for speed sieving
  •  RS-232 interface for easy communication and optional GPIB
  •  Calibration without opening the case
  •  10 sets of meter status can be stored and loaded

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