Low Distortion Audio Generator Scientech 4036

Low Distortion Audio Generator
Scientech 4036

Product Description

Scientech 4036 is a low-distortion stable amplitude oscillator designed to meet the needs of today`s audio test and measurement technology. Covering the frequency range from 10 Hz to 100 KHz, Scientech 4036 produces a very low distortion sine wave for measuring audio preamplifier and power harmonic distortion. With its outstanding flat response of ±0.2dB, the Scientech 4036 eliminates the need of constantly monitoring the voltage level during the frequency response test. Exact frequency and amplitude setting is provided by means of a digital Frequency/Amplitude readout. The Scientech 4036 provides 30Vpp, selectable Sine wave or Square wave. The two push button attenuators calibrated in 20dB steps, along with the 20dB variable, provide a total of -60dB output voltage attenuation.

Product Features

  • Frequency Range 10 Hz - 100 KHz
  • Low Signal Distortion
  • Digital Readout for Frequency and Amplitude
  • Output Voltage 30Vpp
  • 50 / 600Ω Output
  • TTL output
  • Online Product Tutorial

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