Portable Analytic Chamber

Portable Analytic Chamber
Scientech 91

Product Description

The challenges in the food industry to provide consumers with quality and safe food are ever increasing. The increasing globalization of food trade has raised new issues for ensuring food safety and quality. Food manufacturers now commonly use ingredients and partly processed products sourced from suppliers all around the world. It is therefore becoming more difficult to be sure of the origins and purity of many food products. Therefore, Scientech provides a portable analytic chamber with high sensitivity and accuracy for researchers to analyze food, fruit, vegetables and milk products samples at different conditions in closed environments.

Scientech 91 Portable Analytic Chamber provides various solution including camera, temperature, humidity, heated bed and various gas sensors to measure various parameters of test subject over long period in a easy to carry package with see through body and wireless connectivity. User can also check the values of various parameters with an onboard LCD display and log data over USB and wireless receiver.

Product Features

  • Temperature & Humidity sensor
  • Microcontroller based PID control
  • Desktop application for data collection and viewing
  • CMOS wi-fi camera for image and video
  • Inbuilt zigbee data transreceiver and USB receiver for computer
  • LCD display to check local data
    • Contains primary gas sensor Carbon dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • Contains secondary gas sensor]
    • Ethanol(C2H6OH), Hydrogen(H2), Ammonia (NH3), Methane(CH4), Propane(C3H8), Iso-butane(C4H10)
  • Heated bed with max temperature of 100 degree celsius
  • Transparent chamber with led light
  • Light weight design
  • Factory calibrated sensor
  • Software dashboard for data representation and analysis

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