IoT enabled system for Biomedical applications

IoT enabled system for Biomedical applications
Scientech 6205BA

Product Description

A healthy life is one of the most promising blessings that an individual can ever experience. The future of healthcare is slowly taking its shape in front of us with every passing day.
The Internet of things (IoT) is redefining healthcare as we know it. IoT has given us a fresh approach as new tool that accommodates an integrated healthcare network, and subsequently provides easy monitoring.
Scientech 6205BA IoT enabled system for Biomedical applications provides a platform for users to learn and interface various sensors used in healthcare. Users will get to know how to analyze the sensors data at remote places using IoT. Scientech provides a chance to technology students to explore the devices to make them communicate with each other (wirelessly) and analyze the real time sensor data at some remote terminal.
Scientech 6205BA provides students an experience to understand IoT technology works and how it is helping healthcare sector to monitor and treat the patient’s condition without really contacting them physically.

Product Features

  • A friendly platform for experimenters to learn, explore and develop IoT skills.
  • Arduino software compatible hardware.
  • Heart rate, GSR, temperature and ECG sensors.
  • Battery operated smart sensor gateway for sensor connectivity.
  • USB and zigbee connectivity for computer interface.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for cloud interface.
  • Sensor gateway with color LCD.
  • Buzzer and input/output switch for testing.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and android app for field testing.
  • Software to view sensor’s real time graph analysis.
  • 10 din sockets for sensors and actuators interface.
  • On board charging and protection circuit for battery.
  • Signal test points and switch faults.
  • Inbuilt voltmeter and ammeter.
  • User friendly explanatory system.

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