IoT Enabled Smart Irrigation

IoT Enabled Smart Irrigation
Scientech 6205SI

Product Description

Irrigation is one of the key components of precision agriculture. It helps farmers avoid water wastage and improve the quality of crop in their fields by irrigating at the correct times, minimizing runoffs and other wastages, and determining the soil moisture levels accurately. Replacing manual irrigation with automatic valves and systems also does away with human error (e.g. forgetting to turn off a valve after watering the field) and is instrumental in saving energy, time, and valuable resources.

Scientech 6205SI IoT Enabled Smart Irrigation is specially designed help users to understand the concept of IoT based smart irrigation and how various sensors can be deployed and their data can be used to generate events and control irrigation system.

Product Features

  • Arduino software compatible hardware.
  • Soil moisture sensor, soil temperature sensor, solar radiation sensor, leaf wetness sensor, flow sensor and actuator like relay, sprinklers, and water pump provided.
  • Water pump and sprinkler control application.
  • Battery smart sensor gateway for sensor connectivity provided.
  • USB and zigbee connectivity for computer interface.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for cloud interface available.
  • Sensor gateway with color LCD display.
  • Buzzer and input/output switch for testing.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and android app for field testing.
  • Software to view a sensor’s real time graph analysis on PC and mobile.
  • 10 DIN sockets for sensor and actuator interface.
  • On board charging and protection circuit for battery.
  • Signal test points and switch fault provided.
  • Inbuilt voltmeter and ammeter.
  • User friendly, self explanatory system.

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