Standard Digital Signal Processing Trainer

Standard Digital Signal Processing Trainer

Product Description

  • Mounted TI’s TMS320F28335
  • Code Composer Studio program Development Environment
  • Various Signal Processing Experiments of Voice and Bio signal
  • Built-in Function generator
  • Built-in 2 Channel PC Based Oscilloscope for signal measurement
  • Provide Sample program sources for experiments
  • Available DSP application programming through Matlab simulink
  • Provide Emulator

Product Features

  • Using TMS320F28335 – 32bit Floating-point Operation type device of TI.
  • For beginners, Peripheral block is designed to control a simple signal.
  • Various control experiments using several type sensors of Photo Diode, Temperature and Ultra Sonic etc.
  • Check ECG signal and Beat signal of body through Bio ECG Block.
  • Provide internal Waveform Generator(1Hz ~ 100kHz) which outputs Sinusoidal/Triangle/Square wave.
    User can practice without the additional equipment.
  • Provided Audio Codec Block to process external voice signal.
  • Provided Mixer Block to output the signal by Mixing Audio signal with Waveform Generator signal.
  • Provided Modulation Block to output the signal by Modulation of Waveform Generator signal with the
    set frequency.
  • For Motor control study, Provided DC Motor Block and BLDC Motor Block.

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