Data Communication Techniques

Data Communication Techniques
Scientech 5001

Product Description

Scientech TechBooks are compact and user-friendly learning platforms to provide a modern, portable, comprehensive and practical way to learn Technology. Each TechBook is provided with detailed Multimedia learning material which covers basic theory, step by step procedure to conduct the experiment and other useful information.

Data Communications and Networking are one of the fastest growing segments today. The major reason for this growth is the dramatic increase in Networked offices, PC-based products and internet users. More Students are taking courses to learn about them.

Scientech 5001 is designed to assist Students and practitioners to understand the various methods of exchange of data between two devices.

It is designed to be user-friendly and it supports self-learning through a flexibility of making the connections by the user itself. For a proper understanding of various protocols in serial and parallel communication, various experiments can be performed. In depth knowledge of ports and its functional details can be studied with the use of the supporting software provided. Manuals and notes help the user to understand the major terminologies and theory related to Data Communication.

Scientech 5001, Data Communication Techniques is an ideal teaching aid to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  • Pin to pin study of serial and parallel port
  • Different methods of serial communication
  • Different methods of parallel communication
  • Wireless communication (IR/RF)
  • Full duplex fiber optics communication
  • FSK modem communication
  • Software & hardware based data flow controls
  • Protocols of parallel port
  • Protocols of serial port
  • High speed data transmission
  • Visual indication by LED`s for displaying data, status & control pins of port
  • Printer interface
  • Windows based operating software
  • Switch faults in both hardware & software
  • Exhaustive course material & references
  • Student friendly software
  • Optional application boards for serial and parallel port
  • On Board Touch Switch

Scope of Learning

  • Study of Serial Port

  • Study of Parallel Port

  • Study of Synchronous Serial Communication

  • Study of Asynchronous Serial Communication

  • Study of PC-PC Serial Communication using RS-232 cable

  • Study of different Modem used in Serial Communication

  • Study of Flow controls in Serial Communication

  • Study of Protocols in Serial Communication

  • Study of Fiber Optic Communication

  • Study of Modem Communication

  • Study of Wireless Communication

  • Study of PC-PC Parallel Communication using DB25 cable

  • Study of printer interface using parallel port

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