DSB-AM Modulation & Demodulation

DSB-AM Modulation & Demodulation
Scientech 2170J

Product Description

Scientech 2170J DSB-AM Modulation & Demodulation is a comprehensive training solution for acquiring in-depth knowledge of the fundamental techniques used in DSB Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation. The implementation of DSB AM is tough, hence this board has been designed for beginners to get acquainted with concept of the real technology implementation.

Scientech 2170J DSB-AM Modulation & Demodulation comprises of following blocks:

  • AC Source with variable amplitude and frequency
  • Carrier Source
  • DC Source/Level Shifter
  • Balanced Modulator with adjustable gain
  • Transistorized AM Modulator
  • Envelope Detector with adjustable band filter

Product Features

  • On-board Audio Signal Generator with Amplitude and Frequency control
  • On-board Carrier Generator
  • Variable DC Source/Level Shifter
  • Amplitude modulation using
    • Balanced Modulator
    • Transistorized AM Modulator
  • Gain adjustment for Balanced Modulator
  • Envelope detector for demonstration of demodulation method

Scope of Learning

  • Study of Amplitude Modulation using a Balanced Modulator.

  • Study of Amplitude Modulation using a Transistorized AM Modulator.

  • Observations of modulation index/modulation depth.

  • Study of envelope detector and its utilization in AM detection.

  • To establish a relationship between RC time constant of diode detector, carrier frequency and modulating signal frequency.

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