Power Quality Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer

Product Description

  •  It measures it all, accurately!

- Voltage, current, and frequency
- Power, energy, demand
- Harmonic distortion
- Power quality
- Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA)

  •   It handles well.

- Small footprint: 3.9"x 7.75" x 1.6" at base
- Lightweight 1.1 lbs
- Contoured, cushion grip for comfort
- Ruggedized construction for field use

  •   It's the easiest to use.

- Backlit LCD for clear readings
- Real-time meter display
- Buttons labeled for ease of navigation
- Surestart checks for correct connections

  •   And the safest to connect and operate.

- Highest safety rating (CAT IV) at 600V
- Surestart minimizes re-connections
- Flexible current transformers for tight,confined spaces
- SafeConnect option for switchboards and other equipment
- Wireless remote control from PC via Bluetooth

  Plus, it's the smartest.
- Bluetooth wireless for data download to PC
- Secure Digital removable memory card slot
- Current probes self-identify and set range
- PSM software for graphs, logs, and analysis
- Report Writer summarizes results
- Captures events and data for weeks
- Optional DC line converter powers PS4500 from same point as measured voltage

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