Waveform Generators

Waveform Generators
Rigol - DG4000 Series

Product Description

Rigol DG4000 series is a multifunctional generator that combines many functions in one, including Function Generator, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Pulse Generator, Harmonic Generator, Analog/Digital Modulator and Counter. In Rigol DG4000, all of the 3 models have two channels with complete equivalent functions and precisely phase adjustable, they are the real dual-channel signal generator.

Product Features

  • Rigol DG4000 has maximum output frequency:160 MHz, 100 MHz, 60 MHz
  • 500MSa/s sample rate, 14 bits vertical resolution
  • Dual Channel Outputs With Identical Performance
  • 2ppm High-frequency Stability
  • -115dBc/Hz Low Phase Noise
  • Versatile Analog and Digital Modulation functions
  • Built-in 150 Waveforms
  • Built-in 7digits/s, 200MHz Counter
  • Rigol DG4000 has 16th Harmonic Generation Function(Std.)
  • Powerful Waveform Editing PC Software
  • Connectivity: USB Host & Device, LAN
  • 7 Inch LCD Display (800x480)

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