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Spectrum Scope Oscilloscope - Scientech 852

Integrated Specially for RF Laboratory in Education

Product Description

Scientech 852 Spectrum Scope is the latest integrated instrument combining both Spectrum analysis and Oscilloscope functions. This is very useful in Engineering studies to view signals in Time/Division and Frequency/Division for mat. The Spectrum Scope is a powerful tool to demonstrate AM, FM, ASK, FSK, PWM, PAM etc. This is very useful to demonstrate waveform studies which includes Harmonics of Sine, Square & Pulse waveforms. Electromagnetic interference can also be studied. The built-in Tracking Generator can be used to check the Frequency response of Amplifiers, Filters, etc.

Product Features

  • Power and Space saving
  • User friendly controls
  • RF analysis upto 1GHz
  • Calibrated in Frequency/Div and Time/Div for easy calculations
  • Calibrated dB scale and reference level helps quick calculations
  • Single Touch Auto Timebase helps to select suitable range for quick analysis
  • Oscilloscope Measurements upto 30MHz
  • 4 Trace operation helps to view normal X1, and magnified X10 signals simultaneously

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