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30 MHz Oscilloscope / PowerScope with Ramp & Pedestal Firing Circuit

30 MHz Oscilloscope / PowerScope with Ramp & Pedestal Firing Circuit

Product Description

Floating measurements of high voltages are very common in industrial electronics and electrical testing. Single phase and Three phase measurements on Oscilloscope need completely isolated inputs. Scientech 824A PowerScope is an ideal instrument for such applications. With X100 attenuation signals up to 1500Vpp can be measured. Scientech 824A PowerScope is very useful for testing UPS, induction furnace, electric control systems, motors, transformers etc.

The built-in Ramp & Pedestal firing circuit provide gate pulse for SCR to conduct experiments in power electronics. Its firing angle can also be changed. Ready to use built-in DC and AC Power Supplies are very useful in circuit testing.

Product Features

  • Floating measurements with completely isolated inputs
  • X100 and X10 attenuation for floating measurements
  • Built-in Ramp and Pedestal Firing Circuit
  • 1500 V max input for floating measurements
  • 30 MHz - 5 mV Dual Trace Oscilloscope
  • Algebraic sum & difference of both channels
  • Alternate Triggering
  • Built-in DC Supplies (+ 12V, - 12V, + 5V, - 5V)
  • Built-in AC Supplies (18 - 0 - 18V, 0 - 15V)
  • Line Trigger & Variable Hold-Off
  • Component & Continuity Tester
  • Online Product Tutorial
  • 1 Year Warranty

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