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Product Description

Simtel Embedded is a complete learning solution for Embedded System. It gives knowledge right from basic to latest trends. Main emphasis is on ATMEL 8051 series and PIC Controllers. It has very useful step by step animation for understanding of program. Details theoretical content along with different way of teaching practical concepts.

Product Features

  • Basics: Definition, Characteristics, Architecture, Applications, Categories, Digital Primer and Components
  • 8051 Microcontroller: Microcontroller, Architecture, Features, 8051 Pin out and Details, Registers and SFR, Memory Map, Instruction set, addressing Mode, Timer and Counters, Interrupts, Serial Communication.
  • AVR Microcontroller: AVR Family, Pinout Details, Instruction Set
  • PIC Microcontroller: PIC and Family, PIC 16F877A Fundamentals and pin out details, Memory Map, Timer, Instruction Set, ADC, CCP, MSSP
  • Peripheral Interfacing: Power Supply, Switch Interface, LED Interface, Seven Segment Display Interface, Stepper Motor

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