Basic Computer Engineering

Basic Computer Engineering
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Product Description

C++ was designed for systems and applications programming, extending the C programming language. To this procedural programming language designed for efficient execution, C++ has added support for statically-typed objectoriented programming, exception handling, scoped resource management, and generic programming, in particular. It also added a standard library which includes generic containers and algorithms. SKU C++ Programming is an online training course designed for the students. This course deals with programming concepts and the object-oriented features of C++ programming language. It is assumed that the learner is new to programming. Illustrative examples follow each new concept. We include quiz which help learner to understand the depth of the basic concepts.

Product Features

  • Introduction of C++
  • Fundamentals of C++
  • Arrays, Pointers & Functions
  • Objects & Classes
  • Constructors & Destructors
  • Inheritance in C++
  • Pointers, Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
  • File Handling

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