Study of FM Communication

Study of FM Communication

Product Description

Scientech 2204 Study of FM Communication is a comprehensive learning solution specifically designed to provide conceptual and step by step understanding of Frequency Modulation and Demodulation techniques through observation of waveforms at various test points and measurement of parameters like Frequency deviation and Modulation index.

Block wise modular organization of functional circuits with symbolic representation makes it easy to understand the process of FM generation, FM detection and study of FM Spectrum. The exercises provide a practical approach to the subject and will guide the students to understand each function.

Product Features

  • A self contained platform on FM Communication
  • Functional blocks with symbols indicated on mimic
  • Onboard adjustable controls for various functional blocks
  • Compact size
  • Online Product Tutorial

Scope of Learning

  • Study and observation of Frequency Modulation

  • Study and calculation of Frequency deviation and modulation index

  • Study of Phase Locked Loop detector, Quadrature detector, Foster-Seeley and Ratio detector

  • Study of Marker insertion to evaluate frequency deviation

  • Study of Spectrum of FM signal 

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