Broadband Communication - NetSys

Broadband Communication - NetSys

Product Description

Simtel NetSys creates a virtual environment to implement various LAN configurations and gives enormous results of simulation. We can simulate our LAN to best possible combination which will give best results, before actual implementation. Also have a good amount of theory.

Product Features

  • Networking: History, Components(NIC, Repeater, HUB, Bridge, Switch, Router, BRouter, MSAU), Topologies(Bus, Rig, Star, Mesh, Tree), Network Types(LAN, MAN, WAN), VLAN, Internet
  • Networking Models: OSI Model, TCP/IP Model, IEEE Standards, Protocols
  • Switching: Circuit Switching, Packet Switching, Message Switching, PSTN, ISDN, DSL
  • Ethernet : Introduction, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit
  • Network Security: Introduction, VPN, Firewall
  • Algorithms: Dijkstra`s Algorithm, Bellman Ford Algorithm
  • Network Design Lab: Bus, Hub, Switch

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