PCB prototype machines and design software

In an electrical and electronic circuit device, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is the main base that helps to hold and connect various components through electrically conductive tracks and  pads. Basically  for  making a rapid prototype/sample /trial of any PCB, a prototype machine is very handy. When we work with a PCB prototyping machine, we require […]

Sensing physical parameter and converting into electrical signal is one of the important task in IoT enabled system

This is further to my previous post on IoT. Let me now discuss different building blocks of an IoT enabled system. Let us start with sensors. We all know that we require sensors to  sense different physical parameters and to convert them into corresponding electric signals. There is a large variety of  sensors in the […]


Wireless Sensor Network ( WSN )

After Cognitive Radio another promising area of research is Wireless Sensor Network ( WSN ). Research scholars are addressing their work in the area of Physical Layer, Data Link Layer, Network Layer, Transport layer and Application Layer but however the major focus of contribution is in the area of Routing Techniques of WSN. This aspect of research motivates young […]

MIMO Test Setup

MIMO Channel Modeling The basic idea behind deploying MIMO Systems is to use the multipath channel environment to increase the data rates (bits/sec)) and to improve the signal quality (BER) of a communication system by using multiple TX/RX antennas through a wireless link where the transmitted signal is expressed in three dimensional and described in […]

Performance Analysis of Transmission Line

Introduction Electric Power Transmission is the bulk movement of electrical energy from a generating site, such as a power plant to an electrical substation. The interconnected lines which facilitate this movement are known as a transmission line network. Transmission Line of Power Benefits: Entire transmission system can be simplified to a two port network for […]

Learn Digital Communication in 2 Simple Steps

Simtel Interactive Simulation Software for Understanding Digital Communication in a Graphical Way Features Rich in Content User Friendly GUI and Navigation Screen Save and Print Option Zoom in and Out to Adjust the views Evaluate signal at every testpoint Built in Instruments Digital Storage Oscilloscope Mixed Signal Oscilloscope FFT Analyzer Eye Pattern Analyzer BER Measurement […]