Simtel – Interactive Technology Learning Software

Scientech is proud to present you  Simtel – A Simplified Interactive Technology Learning Software developed by it. Simtel has many modules on different topics that you can use as your learning platform. The Simtel software provides  friendly interactivity  so that you can easily engage, navigate, and understand complex topics with help of animations and interactive […]

Scientech Innovative and Affordable Workbenches for high integration and productivity

In any industrial environment, manufacturing and controlling processes have become more efficient due to smart and improved technologies like sensing, automation, internet of things (IoT), and robotics. Scientech Technologies has integrated many such solutions for testing and manufacturing. These  workbenches are also very useful for automation systems. One can have Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Supervisory […]


Integrated Multi Test and Measuring Solutions from Scientech

As new electronic technologies are rapidly growing, so are the measuring instruments. These products are driven by IT and new devices and provide  distinct advantages like small size, more features, more reliability, low maintenance costs, high flexibility, expandability, connectivity, analysis capabilities, etc. They are widely used in industrial areas, research and development sector, laboratories and […]

Sensing physical parameter and converting into electrical signal is one of the important task in IoT enabled system

This is further to my previous post on IoT. Let me now discuss different building blocks of an IoT enabled system. Let us start with sensors. We all know that we require sensors to  sense different physical parameters and to convert them into corresponding electric signals. There is a large variety of  sensors in the […]


Wireless Sensor Network ( WSN )

After Cognitive Radio another promising area of research is Wireless Sensor Network ( WSN ). Research scholars are addressing their work in the area of Physical Layer, Data Link Layer, Network Layer, Transport layer and Application Layer but however the major focus of contribution is in the area of Routing Techniques of WSN. This aspect of research motivates young […]

MIMO Test Setup

MIMO Channel Modeling The basic idea behind deploying MIMO Systems is to use the multipath channel environment to increase the data rates (bits/sec)) and to improve the signal quality (BER) of a communication system by using multiple TX/RX antennas through a wireless link where the transmitted signal is expressed in three dimensional and described in […]