Telephone Network to Computer Network to Mobile Network to Network of Things – Internet of Things (IoT)

This is a rapidly growing technology in a world that is expecting 60 billion devices to be connected through the internet by 2020. Numerous SMART applications are and will be developed which will allow us to live a SMARTER, BETTER, EFFECTIVE, and more EFFICIENT life.

Work has already started and is moving with the speed of thought in the fields of SMART City, SMART Transportation, SMART Agriculture, SMART Health Care  etc.. name any field and there are applications under development.

There is a need and people are looking for young talent that has knowledge of this integration of sensors, embedded systems, and communication devices and their protocols. Computer Science topics, specially data aggregation, data analysis, and the subsequent development of algorithms for decision making, are in high demand as well.

Is IoT difficult to learn? Whether one is from a hardware or software background, a school student or an accomplished coder, is it hard to gain expertise in this multi-disciplinary field? Then I will say NO!

There  is a platform available which enables you to not only learn, train yourself, and gain expertise but also equips you to shape-up your own innovative ideas , test them, and deploy them as an IoT enabled system.

Please look at such platform

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