PCB prototype machines and design software

In an electrical and electronic circuit device, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is the main base that helps to hold and connect various components through electrically conductive tracks and  pads.

Basically  for  making a rapid prototype/sample /trial of any PCB, a prototype machine is very handy.

When we work with a PCB prototyping machine, we require  a convenient and easy to use PCB circuit design and simulation software too.

The software will help in designing a circuit, test it and provide the PCB fabrication process data and  create gerber extended files to the PCB prototype machine.

I’m glad to list down the some of the top PCB prototyping machines and simulation software that make work very easy, fast, confidential, and flexible.

What are different types of PCB prototype machines?

Let’s study the following PCB prototype machines which have high accuracy and operate within very less span of time (just in few minute).

  1. EP-42 Auto, PCB prototype machine.
  2. EP-2006 series PCB prototype machine.
  3. V-One conductive ink technology based PCB printer.
  4. Nvis 72 PCB prototype machine
  5. Nvis 70 compact proto design machine

Here are the highlights  one-by-one.

1.  EP-42 Auto, PCB prototype machine

EP-42 Auto, PCB prototype machine is a modern table top machine  from Scientech Technologies Pvt Ltd. used for the PCB prototype fabrication process.

It is eco-friendly and quickly performs operations like drilling, engraving, routing, milling, track and trace, etc.

EP42 - PCB Prototyping MachineEP-42 Auto PCB prototype machine


It has auto tool. Auto tool provides twelve different tools and these tools can automatically changed as per the requirement during production.

It has a 42,000 rpm spindle motor which operates with speed and high accuracy.

You want to regulate or control the speed of the spindle motor, you can do this by using the software and by applying four mil track and trace.

What is the software used for PCB prototype?

PCAM software is accompanying software for  EP-42 Auto, PCB prototype machine. It can be easily installed on any computer with Windows operating system.

It accepts standard RS274D/X format Gerber files exported from layout software like Tina, P-Cad/Allegro/Protel/ALTIUM designer/ Power PCB (PADS)/ORCAD, etc.

Feature of EP-42 Auto, PCB prototype machine:

  1. EP-42 Auto is quiet and resonates very less noise.
  2. It operates in a large area (i.e. 320mm X 230mm).
  3. For copper removing, end-mill tool is needed.
  4. For drilling operation (like holes), drill bit is used.
  5. Router bit helps in PCB outline cutting.
  6. It is mostly used for engraving trace and pad by using engrave tool.


2. EP-2006 series PCB prototype machine

EP 2006 series is a simple, easy and quick PCB prototype machine.

When user gives input Gerber file to the machine, PCB circuit will be created within a few minutes.

It works on the five phase stepping motor with the high accuracy.

EP2006 pcb prototype machineEP-2006 series prototype machine

Some salient features of EP-2006 series prototype machine:

  1. EP-2006 series machine is easy to operate.
  2. It requires less maintenance and gives high accuracy.
  3. It has automatic tool length detect function.
  4. This machine can be used for the depth setup by controlling through the software.
  5. It uses five phase stepping motor with precisely ball screw and liner guide.
  6. For the surface detecting and real time working, depth compensation function is used.

3. V-One conductive ink technology based PCB printer .

Scientech Technologies Pvt Ltd. offers a simple and compact size printer to design and manufacture fixed and flexible PCBs on any substrate using conductive ink.

It has same working function as other prototype machines like importing your Gerber file through the software and gives command to print.

You can  easily print  your circuit board through the V-One printer. After that you can use solder paste to dispense and to mount the different electronic components on the PCB.

conductive ink technology based pcb printer

V-One PCB printer

Advantages of V-One PCB printer:

  1. V-one printer can easily and quickly design and manufacture PCB hardware.

design and manufcature pcb

  1. It can work on the different surfaces with different forms for prototyping PCB.

different types of PCB

  1. It is a very modern and interactive machine that works smartly.

modern and interactive pcb machine


Salient features of V-One PCB printer:

  1. V-One PCB printer is light weight. You can easily transport it.
  2. It is easy to use. You can design the PCB within few minutes.
  3. This PCB printer makes electrically conductive tracks or trace on multiple surfaces or material by using conductive ink.
  4. By using the graphical user interface (GUI), you can make or design the circuit step by step.


4. Nvis 72 PCB prototype machine

Nvis 72 PCB prototype machine is very affordable and useful for micro drilling, milling, routing functions for desired circuit design.

Before this electro-mechanical utility or technology, we were taking a risk for chemical process and spending more time for PCB fabrication processes (i.e. etching and drilling).

Now, Nvis 72 PCB prototype machine provides several features which can make your life easier.

It comes with the friendly Tina circuit design software. It requires only USB connectivity to make your desired circuit on  copper or aluminum clad boards within minutes.

It can be easily operated by students, fresher engineers and workers.

pcb prototype machine

 Nvis 72 PCB prototype machine

Main feature of Nvis 72 PCB prototype machine:

Let’s see here, some important features of the Nvis 72 PCB Prototype Machine.

  1. Nvis 72 works for the micro drilling & milling circuit operations (like designing, drilling, etching).
  2. It is widely used for versatile PCB prototyping.
  3. It is worked for the auto depth adjustment.
  4. Light system occurs in this machine, when we design circuit.


Nvis 70 Compact Proto Design Machine

Nvis 70 proto design machine has same working like as Nvis 72 PCB prototype machine. But, it has more features and functions.

compact pcb prototype machie


Feature of Nvis 70 proto design machine:

  1. Nvis 70 machine occurs in compact size that can be transported easily.
  2. Students or fresher engineers can use this machine for personal purpose like study, experiment, and making craft.
  3. It can support Gerber data from various sources and convert into actual PCB.
  4. Apart from Gerber, it supports DXF and SVG format to cut or mill desired design.
  5. It performs multiple operations like milling, engraving and routing on various materials like Paper Phenolic, Teflon, FR4 PCB, softwood, and acrylic materials.
  6. It contains three axis movable spindle motor with high rpm.

These are the best and top PCB prototype machines which are widely used in the commercial and industrial environments.


Solution for Circuit Design and PCB Prototyping

If you are manufacturing and designing the PCB on prototype machines, machine requires the PCB design software.

Here, I am introducing powerful and inexpensive circuit design software i.e. Tina Design Suite’ software.

Let’s see, how it works with the different mode operations.


1. Tina V12 – Offline Circuit Simulation with TINA

Tina Design Suite software is the best and useful software required for offline simulation.

This works for the circuit simulation with PCB design.

It has more advantages, specifications and functions like analyzing, circuit designing, and testing the digital and analog circuit.

Moreover, this software can be used to analyze and to test digital Verilog-AMS, Optoelectronic circuits, RF communication, VHDL, MCU, SMPS, mechatronics system, and PCB layout systems.

You can analyze your circuit through more than twenty different analysis modes or with ten high tech virtual instruments like Digital Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Power Supply, Network Analyzer, etc.


2. Tina Cloud – Online Circuit Simulation with TINACloud

Tina Cloud is fast processing online circuit simulator.

One of the best advantages is that you can easily edit and run the schematic circuit design and its PCB layouts with the help of online simulator.

You can use this software on your computer, tablets, smart phones, laptops.

As this is online tool, you don’t need any installation.

You can use this online simulator for the domestic, commercial and industrial purpose whether you are travelling anywhere in the world. You just need internet access to run this tool.

This software simulator provides fast, automate and less complicate process for PCB prototyping.


Click here for more information about these solutions.

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