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Drone Technology. Need of Skilled – Trained Technicians

Drones are becoming popular because of their wide acceptability in different applications such as precision agriculture , security , defense , wild life monitoring , land survey , delivery of medicines,  and many more.

The government has framed a very good strategy to encourage more companies to get engaged  in design – development and manufacturing of drones in India. There are already approximately 100 small – big and start-up companies working in this segment. However,  with special focus and new policies many more companies have made their plans to enter in this field of UAVRPA.

Drones are mainly classified based on number of arms like Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octacopter, flight time, payload capacity, and payload types like  thermal camera, multispectral camera, spraying tank , seeding box, etc.

Many such companies are now creating job opportunities for young engineers , technician to expand their career in this field. The government has identified this sector as one of the focused area under Skill India mission and introduced Drone Technician and Drone Pilot trades.

There will be a huge demand of skilled professionals in both. Drone Technicians are trained on understanding the overall drone technology which includes drone anatomy , different components , integration of these components to make a complete operating drone , functional importance of each component and their trouble shooting. The Drone Pilots are trained on how to make drone ready for flight, dos & don’ts of flying, special precautions while taking a flight.

Now the question arises,  how many institutes offer courses in these two segments?

Some institutes are providing 4-5 days courses. However, this seems insufficient to gain the complete knowledge on drones.

The core responsibility is now on academicians , academic institutes , skill development centers , polytechnics to start wholesome courses on drones and provide good training through exhaustive curriculum,  equipment, and hands on practice.

Starting more drone technician trade for  young aspirants will provide new higher paid job opportunities and  make a great impact on our economy.

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