Practical approach for synchronization of three phase alternators

The process of connecting two alternators or an alternator and an infinite bus bar system in parallel is known as synchronizing. Generally, alternators are used in a power system where they are parallel with many other alternators.

Synchronization methods for three phase alternator :

  • Synchronization using incandescent lamp
  • Synchronization using synchroscope.


  • When there is maintenance or an inspection, one machine can be taken out from service and the other alternators can keep up for the continuity of supply.
  • Load supply can be increased.
  • During light loads, more than one alternator can be shut down while the other will operate in nearly full load.
  • High efficiency.
  • The operating cost is reduced.
  • Ensures the protection of supply and enables cost-effective generation.
  • The generation cost is reduced.
  • Breaking down of a generator does not cause any interruption in the supply.
  • Reliability of the whole power system increases.

Conditions to be satisfied for synchronizing alternators are:


Theoretical setup:

Nvis 7018

Practical setup for synchronization of two alternator (Nvis 7018)


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