Today's rapidly changing environment of education, research and Industry demands flexibility and expandleability in all aspects of design & testing.

The instrument market is fragmented because instruments are specialized in hardware to serve several slightly divergent test applications. In fact, the traditional classification of measurement instruments (such as Voltmeter, Current meter, Frequency Counter, Function Generator, Oscilloscope, Power Supply, etc.) has now become a single entity with software interactivity.

In the present scenario, the concept of circuit design has been switched from discrete design to system on chip i.e. SOC type design. Firstly todays IC is software configurable and for that user has to use software interface using PC/laptop. So the computer is the necessity for engineers in all domain (basic electronics, VLSI, Embedded, DSP, Communication, Instrumentation, etc.). Secondly traditional TMI is the basic need for the design engineers.

In this modern world, Scientech DesignLab 2 is an ultimate solution for engineers in design, application, and in field services. It is space saving, allows faster testing time, and faster troubleshooting.

DesignLab 2® has different TMI capabilities like Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Synthesized Function Generator, Pattern / Word Generator, Programmable Clock, Programmable Power Supply, Data acquisition, Volt meter, Current meter etc. It has features of analysis on multiple large and simultaneous windows, storage of waveforms on PC, sharing waveform data, virtual component library for real-world hardware interface and event scheduler to automate testing. Now Institutes can simply have one DesignLab 2 and one laptop on each table, replacing multiple TMI boxes.


Function Generator

Generate standard Synthesized Signal waveforms like Sine, Square, Triangular, Ramp, and Pulse. Set and change its parameters using user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Pattern Generator And Clock Generator

Pattern Generator Generate 8 different repetitive pattern of 8 bit length. Clock frequency of generated pattern can be changed using its software screen.

Clock Generator separate output for clock signal can be generated to use or to trigger any external design under test.

Fixed And Variable Power Supply

Fixed Power Supply that can be used to power high current digital electronic circuits.

Variable Power Supply can be used to power analog or digital circuit where positive and negative supply is to be used; Output required can be set by interactive GUI provided for Power Supply.

Logic Analyzer

Capture and display multiple signals from a digital system or digital circuit. Cursors are provided to analyze signal and result can be stored in Image format.

Digital Oscilloscope

Analyze Analog or Digital outputs of your design under test on two channel Digital Oscilloscope. Volt per division, Time per division can be changed by a single click. User can measure frequency & amplitude and store results in image or CSV format.

Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Analyze one Analog and eight Digital outputs of your design under test simultaneously on software screen. Use CH1 for Analog and D0 to D7 of Logic Analyzer. Connector for Digital Signals, Volt per division, and time per division can be changed by user friendly GUI screen.

Frequency Counter

Measure Frequency or measure the number of oscillations or pulses per second in a repetitive electronic signal.

Voltmeter and Current Meter:

Measure the potential difference, or voltage, between two points in an electrical or electronic circuit and to measure the current in a circuit.

Data Acquisition

Acquire & Measure an electrical or physical phenomenon such as temperature, humidity, pressure, sound etc. with software provided. Can also be used as Analog and Digital Input output device and data logger.

Event scheduler

For multiple or repetitive testing / calibration. It can also be used to schedule the event for all the built in instruments and can be use all instrument parallely.

Activity Tool: It is a special tool to use virtual component in real time, components like switches, LED, displays, combinational, operational amplifier, motor interface, relay interface and many more components are available.


  • 12 in 1 Multi Instrument:
    • 2 Channel Digital Oscilloscope
    • 16 Channel Logic Analyzer
    • Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (1 Analog + 8 Digital)
    • Synthesized Function Generator
    • Pattern / Word Generator
    • Programmable Clock Generator
    • Variable Power Supply
    • Fixed Power Supply
    • Frequency Counter
    • Volt meter (DC)
    • Current meter(DC)
    • Spectrum Analyzer (FFT Analysis)
  • Sleek design
  • Use all instruments parallely
  • Interactive Virtual Graphical User Interface Software
  • Separate window for every Instrument
  • User friendly and easy navigation
  • Multi utility board to explore Design Lab2 (Optional)
  • Event scheduler for design & testing of circuits
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • Separate USB Powered Data Acquisition Solution
  • Virtual Analog-Digital Component & Circuit Libraries for real world

Product Video

Technical Specifications

Synthesized Function Generator

Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, TTL
Frequency Range
1 mHz to 5MHz (Sine), 1mHz to 3MHz (others)
Amplitude Range
20mV to 20Vpp (O.C.)
DC Offset (O.C.)
± 5Vpp
Sampling Rate

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

No. of Channels
2 Analog (CH1 & CH2)
100MSPS per channel
8-bit per channel
-3dB Bandwidth
Vertical range
5mV/div to 10V/div
Triggering Source
CH1, CH2
Measurements (Manual)
Voltage & Frequency

Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

No. of Channels
1 Analog (CH1) + 8 Digital
100MSPS per channel
8-bit per channel
-3dB Bandwidth
Vertical range
5mV/div to 10V/div
Triggering Source
CH1, CH2
Measurements (Manual)
Voltage & Frequency
Spectrum (FFT Analysis)

Logic Analyzer

No. of Channels
Maximum Sampling Rate
2K per channel
Input Voltage Tolerance
7V (max.)

Digital Pattern Generator

No. of Channel
Maximum Sampling Rate
Pattern Length
Frequency Range
1KHz to 5MHz

Variable Power Supply

No. of Channel
Output Voltage
Max. Output Current
250 mA (with load)

Data Acquisition

Analog and Digital
Analog Input
Analog Output
Digital Input
Digital Output
ADC Resolution (In Bit)
Unity Gain Amplifier (Buffer)
2 (0 – 5V)
Data Logging
PC Based
Power Supply
USB Powered

Fixed Power Supply

Output Voltage
Max. Output Current
2A (with load)

Frequency Counter

Frequency Range
DC to 50 MHz
Input Impedance
Max. Input Voltage
200 V (DC + AC Peak)

Voltmeter (DC)

Maximum Voltage

Current meter (DC)

Maximum current
Circuit Libraries for real world
Virtual Analog-Digital Component like Switches, Display Devices, Computational Circuits, Operational Amplifier, Motor Control and Relay Circuits.
Event scheduler for design & testing of circuits
Time setting and loop function General Information
W281 x H80 x D 285
Power Supply
100-240VAC, 50 / 60Hz, <35VA
2.25 kg Approximately
Operating Conditions
0-40OC, 85% RH
Resource Material
CD (Operating procedure, Front panel control, DesignLab Software)
System Requirement
Windows XP- SP3 and above, Windows7, 8 & 10
Supported Architecture

Optional Accessories

Interface CPU Gateway

The extensive features included within Interface CPU Gateway make it the perfect solution for DesignLab 2. Apart from integrating with DesignLab 2 user can also use for various applications such as Robotics, Drone, Machine Vision, Smart Home, Education, Digital Signage, Intelligent Cars and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.


High Speed Atom ™ Processor

Video & Audio - HDMI 1.4b, I2S audio port

USB 2.0 - 4x UB2.0 and 2x USB 2.0 pin header (10 pins in total)

Graphics - Intel® HD 400 Graphics ,12 EU GEN 8, up to 500MHz Support DX*11.1/12, Open GL*4.2, Open CL*1.2 OGL ES3.0, H.264, HEVC(decode), VP8

Camera Interface - CSI (4 Mega pixel)

Memory - 1GB / 2GB / 4GB DDR3L-1600

Storage Capacity - 16GB eMMC / 32 GB / 64 GB eMMC

Storage Capacity - 16GB eMMC / 32 GB / 64 GB eMMC

Ethernet - 1x Gb Ethernet (full speed) RJ-45

USB 3.0 - 1x UB3.0 OTG

RTC – Yes

Power - 5V DC-in @ 4A 5.5/2.1mm jack

Operating Humidity - 10%˜80%RH non-condensing

Operating Temperature - 32-140°F / 0˜60°C

Operating System - Microsoft Windows 10 full version

Expansion - 40 pin General Purpose bus, supported by Altera Max V. ADC 8-bit@188ksos

Built-in DesignLab 2 Software

Interface CPU Gateway comes along with pre-loaded Simtel Technology Learning Software – Basic Electronics, Digital Electronics Modules

Add-on board for Sensor & Actuators with temperature & humidity sensor (optional)

Add-on Board will help user to connect their sensors or actuators directly using stand 5 pi connector. Overall it will simplify connection and accelerate interfacing time.

List of ready to use Sensors & Actuator

Temperature Sensor - SS150

  • Linear Temperature Slope : 10mV/°C
  • Temp. Range (°C) : -40 to +150
  • -4°C/+6°C Accuracy from -40°C to +150°C
  • Operates from 2.3V to 5.5V

Humidity - SS150

  • Accuracy (Best Fit Straight Line) : ±3.0 %RH
  • Range : 0 to 100% RH
  • Output Signal : Analog voltage
  • Soil/Water temperature
  • Temp. Range (°C) : 0 to 100
  • Accuracy : ±2°C
  • Size : 6 inch
  • Operating Voltage : 3.3 to 5V

Leaf Wetness - SS156

  • Grid-like,
  • Resistance-type sensor
  • Moisture on vegetation from 0 (dry) to 15 (wet).

Soil Moisture Sensor - SS152

  • Operating Voltage : 3.3V to 5V
  • Range : 0 to 100% (Need Calibration)
  • Output Signal : Analog voltage

Dust Sensor - SS160

  • Operating Voltage : 5V
  • Sensitivity : 0.65 V/(0.1mg/m3)
  • Output Signal : Analog voltage

Air Quality Sensor - SS151

Ambient Light Sensor - SS153

Soil/Water temperature - SS154

PIR Sensor - SS155

Watermark Soil Moisture - SS157

Water Conductivity - SS158

Alcohol Sensor - SS159

Anemometer + wind vane +pluviometer - SS161

Relay Board - SS162

Buzzer Board - SS163

IoT Applications

PCB Prototype Machine – Nvis72 (optional)

If you are an impatient circuit designer who wants to replicate software design on the PCB with high precision and accuracy, and also without investing much of your valuable time and efforts, we have an exciting solution for you.

Nvis 72 PCB Prototype Machine provides several features which can make your life easier. With this new electro-mechanical utility, you can escape cumbersome task of traditional PCB designing which involves time taking etching and drilling processes. Get rid of dealing with chemicals which often spoil your hands and are harmful to you and environment. Provided with the USB connectivity, Nvis 72 can print your desired circuit on the PCB within minutes. Accompanied design software provides simple and elegant interface which is user-friendly, and can even be operated by novice Engineers and Students.

For more information please feel free to contact us.

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