Multi-purpose TDR for optic & metallic cables

Multi-purpose TDR for optic & metallic cables

Product Description

In today`s complicated network of optical cable mixed with copper cable, its analysis becomes vital for installation and maintenance of this network. With the novel concept of "Two in One" TOR (Time-Domain Reflectometry) instrument, NanoTronix presents OMTDR-1000 (Optical and metallic TOR in one instrument) to meet this customers` needs. By integrating OTDR (Optical TOR) function into NanoTronix` metallic TOR .. (Model No.: mTDR-070), the instrument boost your bottom line by providing integrated, easy-to-use and highly economical testing environment for either or both optical network and copper cable network. The OTDR function can be used for analyzing the physical condition of optical fibers in the installation and maintenance of optical communication networks. It provides users with the complete information on the attenuation and reflective or non-reflective loss of optical fibers so as to locate faults, connectors and splices along the fibers. The MTDR function is suitable for installation, maintenance and fault finding (complete open & short, partial open & short, loading coils, loose connection, broken lines etc.) of metallic cables such as CATV, CCTV, Coaxial cables, Power cable, Telephone line and UTP cables whatever consists of at least two conductors. OMTDR-1000 will provide network installers and maintenance personnel with a complete solution for testing, certifying and documenting the mixed network (especially HFC and FTTx networks) in any industrial sites.

Product Features

  • Two in one OMTDR (mini OTDR + MTDR).
  • Extremely economical multi purpose TOR for both optic cable and copper cable.
  • Easy-to-use, light-weight and compact.
  • 6A" TFT Color LCD display.
  • RS-232C/USB data upload port.
  • LCD indicator for battery time.
  • PC software for further analyzing,reporting and printing.
  • Selectable auto-off time.
  • Waveform trace and diagnosis.
  • Rugged and waterproof packing.
  • Optional spare battery for doubling operating time. Suitable for FTTx network.

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