Universal PLC Platform (SIEMENS) with HMI

Universal PLC Platform (SIEMENS) with HMI
Scientech 2400AH/BH/CH

Product Description

Today, manufacturing processes have become a lot more efficient due to the Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent automation, advanced robotics, and other smart factory initiatives. Despite rapid changes in technology, programmable logic controller (PLC) and the human-machine interface (HMI) continue to play a vital role in the manufacturing and act as central processors for all real-time decisions.

PLC and HMI have adapted well in modern Industry 4.0 programming will continue to play an integral role in the manufacturing processes. Further, the integrated HMIPLC is enabling lean automation-boosting efficiencies and reducing waste, both in terms of equipment and time. Looking at career opportunities offered by Industry 4.0, Scientech has designed a Universal PLC platform with HMI and Siemens PLC. Scientech 2400AH/BH/CH is an ideal setup to study the working of PLC and HMI used for industrial applications. It has been designed to learn and practice:

  • Wiring of PLC with different inputs and outputs.
  • Push to ON switch, toggle switch, proximity sensor, selector switch as an input to PLC.
  • Realistic simulation that can drive visual indicators, audio indicators, and DC motor, relay and contactor.
  • Communication of PLC with HMI for monitoring and controlling.

Product Features

  • 7” Human Machine Interface (HMI) display.
  • Select Siemens PLC according to required InputOutput e.g. Scientech 2400AH, Scientech 2400BH, and Scientech 2400CH.
  • Open platform to explore wide PLC and HMI applications.
  • Industrial look & feel.
  • Toggle switches, push to ON switch, proximity sensor, selector switch, visual indicator, audio indicator, DC motor, relay card, contactor and voltage display.
  • Din rail mounting for PLC.
  • Powerful instruction sets.
  • Several sample ladder and HMI programs.
  • High execution speed.
  • PC based ladder and HMI programming.
  • Extremely easy and student friendly software to develop different programs.
  • Easy downloading of programs.
  • Practice troubleshooting skills.
  • Compact tabletop ergonomic design.
  • Robust construction

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