Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing
DSP LAB (Version 2.0)

Product Description

Digital Signal Processing is a technique that converts signals from real world sources (usually in analog form) into digital data that can then be analyzed. Analysis is performed in digital form because once a signal has been reduced to numbers; its components can be isolated, analyzed and rearranged more easily than in analog form.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications are becoming more prevalent in everyday use. Because of this widespread usage and advances in computer technology, the DSP algorithms themselves are being subjected to more demanding specifications. There is a constant need for designing systems with lower power, higher speed and less space and to achieve this we are developing new algorithms, techniques.

Scientech Technologies DSP Lab 2.0 is an integrated solution for establishing DSP based Embedded System Lab, based on TI 6000 platform. The lab is designed to learn about the signal processing in Digital Domain. DSP Lab is equipped with complete set of Hardware and Software to perform DSP experiments. Real -Time DSP Lab 2.0 is complete solution to understand the real-time DSP systems principles and Real-world applications using, C and various assembly programs based on TI`s TMS320C6713 Processor. Here we designed Real-Time Signal Processing. Audio Signal Processing & applications oriented windows. In Real- Time signal processing the outputs are controlled by external inputs as well as virtual inputs. It is advantageous in many areas of DSP like Instrumentation & telecommunication etc.

Audio signal processing is the processing to represent an auditory signals or sound. The audio effects can be heard by Audio player, which is included withing the software. Single- Channel, Double-Channel of Multi-Channel windows give the concept of single channel RTDX & multichannel RTDX. The software is designed to interact with DSP Processor and consists theory of DSP, TMS320C6713 Processor and lab experiments. The processing power of the integrated `C6713 (floating point) DSP allow Real-Time Processing of high bandwidth data streams thereby reducing the processing load placed on the host CPU. DSP Lab Version 2.0 LAB programming tutor for TI 6000 DSP Development Tools DSK6713 Documentation Specially developed tutor to support lab activity using DSP kit and CCS.

Code Composer Studio Platinum Edition V3.1 DSP starter kit for Texas Instrument`s TMS320C6713 DSP Installation workbook The procedure to install code composer studio and DSP Lab 2.0 DSP Lab Contents

DSP LAB (Version 2.0), Digital Signal Processing is an ideal teaching aid to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  • Perform DSP experiments. Real -Time

Scope of Learning

  • Sampling & Waveform Generation

  • Quantization

  • PCM Encoding

  • Delta Modulation

  • Digital Modulation Schemes (ASK, PSK, FSK)

  • Error Correcting Codes

  • Read Write from CODEC

  • Fast Fourier Transform

  • FIR Filter implementation (Low P ass, High Pass Band Stop)

  • IIR Filter implementation

  • Linear Convolution

  • Auto Correlation

  • Power Spectral Density

  • Play Sound

  • Echo

  • Echo with Fading

  • Multiple Echo

  • Reverberation

  • Sound Mixing

  • On board Switch and LED Interfacing  Program

  • DSK 6713-MATLAB Interface

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