Digital Satellite Communication System

Digital Satellite Communication System
Scientech 2274

Product Description

Satellite communication uses artificial satellites to provide communication links between single or various points on earth. It plays a vital role in the global telecommunication system. Digital satellite communication can be defined as a system through which data transmission and television services are delivered using the Internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats.

Scientech 2274 is a experimental platform with unique features, which provide a practical approach to understand the concepts of digital satellite communication system. It offers opportunity for in depth practical learning of digital satellite communication system blocks like, digital video transmission, forward error correction encoder and decoder, baseband modulator and demodulator, RF up convertor and RF down convertor, transponder, antenna directivity, etc. 

Scientech 2274 is designed to learn modern telecommunications technologies using a fully operational digital satellite communication training system link.

Product Features

  • Transmitting & receiving digital audio/video signals via IP router using UDP streaming
  • Ethernet port for PC communication
  • Supports direct & satellite link
  • Built in real time software
  • Baseband signal analysis of I & Q channel
  • Dual 500 MSPS 16-bit D/A converters for I channel and Q Channel
  • Control setting for individual blocks
  • Built-in RF-up & RF down converters
  • Built-in low-noise frequency synthesizer
  • Detachable directive dish antenna at each station
  • Internal test data mode for BER concept
  • Portable design
  • User configurable RF frequency range, from 400 MHz – 3 GHz

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