Dual Range 160W Power Supply

Dual Range 160W Power Supply
Rigol - DP1116A

Product Description

The Rigol DP1116A Power Supply is a high-performance 160W single output programmable linear DC power supplies including 32 V@ 5A and 16 V@ 10A ranges. It has excellent features including timed outputs and tracking capabilities; extremely clean power ripple and noise, comprehensive over-voltage, over current, over-temperature protection, a clean user interface, super performance specifications, and standard interfaces. Rigol DP1116A power supplies meet the requirements of a wide range of benchtop development applications as well as industrial control and production testing.

Product Features

  • Rigol DP1116A is a single channel, 160W Power Supply.
  • Rigol DP1116A is a Linear Power Supply design for improved performance.
  • Full color display with real time Volts, Amps, and Watts readout.
  • Wave Track monitors outputs over time.
  • GPIB, LXI-C (Ethernet), USB host & device interfaces all standard.
  • Program channels to automatically change value over time.
  • Save and store setups on flash memory drive.

Technical Specification

Rigol DP1116A
Output Ranges/Channels
16V / 10A
32V / 5A
DC Output ( 0 - 40)
0 to 16V
0 to 32V
0 to 10A
0 to 5A
Overvoltage Protection
0.1V to 35.2V
Overcurrent Protection
0.1A to 11A
Load Regulation± (output percentage + offset)
< 0.01% + 2mV
< 0.005% + 250 �
Line Regulation � (output percentage + offset)
< 0.01% + 2mV
< 0.01% + 250 μA
Ripple and Noise (20Hz - 20MHz)
Normal Mode Voltage
< 350 μV rms/3mVpp
Normal Mode Current
< 2mA rms
Common Mode Current
Accuracy 12 Months[1] (25 �5) �(output percentage + offset)
0.05% + 10mV
0.2% + 10mA
Read Back
0.05% + 5mV
0.15% + 5mA

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