Precision Power Analyzer

Precision Power Analyzer

Product Description

Yokogawa's power measurement technology provides best-in-class precision and stability Precision Power Analyzer Yokogawa WT3000 with basic power accuracy of ± 0.02% of reading, DC and 0.1 Hz - 1 MHz measurement bandwidths, and up to four input elements, the WT3000 provides a higher-accuracy measurement for inverter I/O efficiency.
More Precise. More Bandwidth. More Features.
The Yokogawa WT3000 is a truly innovative measurement solution, combining top-level measurement accuracy with special functions. The large, 8.4-inch liquid crystal display and the range indicator LEDs ensure good readability and make the system easy to use.
In developing the Yokogawa WT3000, Yokogawa focused on improving efficiency in two basic areas. One goal was to obtain highly precise and simultaneous measurements of the power conversion efficiency of a piece of equipment. The other objective was to improve equipment evaluation efficiency by making simultaneous power evaluations and tests easier and faster.
The Yokogawa WT3000 equips with a PC card slot (ATA flash card slot). The WT3000 is also standard-equipped with a GP-IB port. In addition, a serial (RS-232) port, Ethernet port, USB port for peripheral, and USB port for connection to PC are available as options. The variety of interface choices allows customers to use the best interfaces for a wide variety of equipment, media, and network environments.

Product Features

  • Basic power accuracy ±0.01 % of total, the highest precision of all power analyzers in the WT series
  • Voltage direct input range upto 1000 Volts
  • Current direct input range upto 30 Amps
  • Data update period from 50 ms to 20 sec.
  • Built-in Printer
  • Up to four input elements to achieve accurate measurement of input and output conversion efficiency
  • Motor efficiency and total efficiency measurement of the motor version.
  • Simultaneous harmonic measurement without changing measuring modes (option)
  • Wide bandwidth harmonic measurement between 0.1 Hz and 2.6 kHz of the fundamental waveform (option)
  • USB (media, keyboard, PC connection) & Ethernet interface (option)
  • Harmonic measurement compliant with IEC61000-3-2/12 (option)
  • Voltage fluctuation/flicker measurement compliant with IEC61000-3-3/11 (option)

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