PCB Design Lab Scientech 71

PCB Design Lab

Product Description

The PCB Design Lab Scientech 71 is a unique solution to design and develop prototype PCBs in your laboratory. This machine is compact and ideal for making prototype PCBs with Tina Circuit Design, Simulation and PCB Design software in lab. In Electronic design the prototype PCB is essential, this machine works without a PC, that means you can design your circuit in Tina, convert it into gerber file which can load directly into the machine to get the PCB ready. The machine performs all the operations such as drilling, milling, engraving and routing which helps designer to fabricate PCB at low cost and in short time. Scientech 71 does not require any dark room, its offers easy and environmental friendly operation and can be use to design & develop even antenna. The machine can be use to design small and large size prototype PCBs. The machine comes with a complete package of software & tool kit. The Scientech 71 is best choice for your PCB Lab to design & develop Prototype PCBs in lab.

Product Features

  • Small volume, easy setup Compact size 395 � 330 � 375 mm, even small than a microwave. Easy setup & operation.
  • Machine works without a PC The difference between Scientech 71 and other machines is that Scientech 71 does not need a computer to connect and drive machine all the time. In Scientech 71 all the process data are saved into a Compact Flash card (CF card). Just insert this CF card in the machine then you can start using it.
  • High accuracy , lower price Even though Scientech 71 is small but it can make trace as small as 0.15 mm (6 mil) and it is the first choice for industry, college, university and laboratory to design and develop a PCB at low cost & in short time.
  • Integrated sound/ dust inclosure An integrated sound/dust enclosure reduces working sound and provide safety environment to protect users.
  • Integrated micrometer depth controller Micrometer adjustment resolution of 0.01mm (0.0004") to adjust working depth.
  • Easy use membrane switch panel In Scientech 71 you don`t have to watch several operations on a monitor. It has a fast key for major job i.e. Drill / Engrave / Route. In less then 3 clicks you can finish all setting.
  • Motorized Z-axis with software control drill speed For drilling & using various diameter of drill bits, the motorized Z-axis control drill speed becomes very important to avoid tool bit being broken. Users never have to worry about drill speed setup when drilling holes. All drill speed will be assigned by software.
  • Easy, chemical free PCB and Antenna design & development Machine does not require chemicals for single side PCB and can be used to design & develop easy Antennas.

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