Power Meter

Power Meter

Product Description

Scientech 2551, Optical Power Meter is Hand Held Power Meter which provides performance, durability and stability for measurement of optical power. Switches are provided for meter `On/Off` and wavelength selection .The readings indicated on the meter are directly calibrated in dBm. The standard 9V battery is easily replaceable from the separated battery component on the backside of the meter.

Product Features

Detector         : Silicon detector
Range             : 0 dBm to -60 dBm
Display            : 12 mm LCD
Wavelength      : 660 & 950 nm*
Connector       : SMA
Accuracy         : 0.5 dBm
Power             : 9 V Battery
Size (mm.)       : W 100 × D 45 × H 175
Learning material : CD (Theory, procedure, reference results, etc). Online (optional)

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