Audio Distortion Meter

Audio Distortion Meter

Product Description

Scientech 4092 Audio Distortion Meter tenders a minimum residual Distortion and Noise of 0.005%. It is best suited for measurement & testing of high quality Audio Systems. Scientech 4092 comes with a calibrated monitor output for Spectral Analysis and Visual inspection of input signal after filtering out the fundamental. Scientech 4092 has a resolution of 0.1%, Automatic frequency range selectors, and Automatic frequency nulling with 15% capture range. Scientech 4092 is a must for all Distortion related measurements.

Product Features

  • Frequency 20 Hz to 20 KHz
  • Distortion measurement within 0.1%
  • LED Readout
  • Automatic nulling facility
  • Output for Distortion Analysis
  • Online Product Tutorial

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