Logic Analyzer

Logic Analyzer
LA2132 Series

Product Description

LA-2132 LVDS Series,
LA-2132 Series
LA-2164 Expand Series
PC-Based Logic Analyzer

1 GHz / 4 Mega Memory
32 / 64 channels / 512 Trigger Levels
USB (Version 1.1/2.0) Interface
No External Power Source Require

Product Features

  • Deep data buffers (up to 4Mega samples per channel). Simply put, the deeper the buffer the better.
  • Continuously variable pre/post trigger position. Store up to 4Mega events surrounding the trigger point.
  • Up to 32 data input channels. with 4 channels LVDS.
  • High Impedance probes minimize interference with the circuit under test  (250kohm//2pf).
  • Variable threshold voltage between - 3.7 to + 1.9 volts.
  • External trigger output. Use this to trigger other Instruments, like your scope.
  • Very complex trigger, 512 levels, 32channel, parallel, serial, I²C.....
  • High data bandwidth of 125 MHz.
  • One set threshold voltage suitable for ECL (-1.3V), LVC1.5V (0.75V), LVC1.8V (0.9V), LVC2.5V (1.2V),
  • LVC3.3V (1.4V), SSTL2|| 2.5V (1.25V), SSTL3|| 3.3V (1.4V).
  • Captures both state and timing simultaneously with one probe.
  • Connects to Lap-top, Desktop PC or Notebook via USB Interface (Version 1.1/2.0).
  • No External Power Source Require.
  • Use one 20 pin flat cable connect two LA-2132 Series, the LA-2164 Expand to 64 channels is available.

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