3/10MHz AM/FM Function-Pulse Generators with 40MHz Frequency Counter

3/10MHz AM/FM Function-Pulse Generators with 40MHz Frequency Counter

Product Description

New 3 MHz Function - Pulse Generators, Scientech 4061 & Scientech 4062 with 20 x 4 character LCD, fullfil today`s demand of electronics laboratories in universities, colleges and training centres. They have all ! whether you need Pulse and Ramp in addition to Sine, Square, Triangle over the frequency range of 3/10 MHz, or you need internal and external AM-FM or internal sweep, or PWM. The series have all and also TTL Output. It has separate operations for function, frequency, modulation, attenuation and Frequency Counter. Pulse duty cycle and sweep time are variable. AM standard and AM balanced modulation are done with great accuracies showing clearly the depth of modulation. Attractive sleek design makes this new series an ideal choice for modern laboratories.

Product Features

  • 0.3 Hz - 3 MHz  / 1 Hz - 10 MHz (Sine) ( Optional)
  • Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse and TTL outputs
  • 20 Vpp output and DC Offset
  • 40 MHz Frequency Counter
  • Rise time & Fall time <= 50ns
  • 20 x 4 character LCD
  • TTL output
  • 50 Ω Output Impedance
  • Various types of modulations
  • 20dB/ 40dB (fixed) & 20dB variable attenuation

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