10MHz Pulse Generator

10MHz Pulse Generator

Product Description

Scientech 4066 Pulse Generator offers low rise and fall time pulse signals at high repetition rate up to 10 MHz to meet today`s Test & Measurement needs. The Scientech 4066 features pulse width controls in 6 steps with variable adjustment. It`s External and Manual Triggering, FM and Gating output is very useful in Education & Training. Simultaneously Pulse & Sync outputs can be utilized for various applications in Electronic Laboratory, R&D & Industry.

Product Features

  • Frequency range upto 10 MHz
  • Fast Rise/Fall time (≤ 20ns)
  • Variable Pulse width
  • Manual/External Triggering
  • Output Modes: Normal, Invert, Square
  • Input Modes: Normal, Trigger, FM, Gate
  • Pulse and Sync outputs
  • Light weight
  • 3 Year Warranty

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