Precise Data Acquisition

Precise Data Acquisition
Yokogawa-DL850E/DL850EV ScopeCorder

Product Description

Increasing complexities in electronic systems have resulted in the need of the instruments capable of measuring a wide range of input signals at fast sampling speeds over longer periods of time. Perfected over years of continuous innovations, Yokogawa ScopeCorder is a unique solution to meeting the most stringent measurement requirements. Built to endure the harshest measuring environments, Yokogawa ScopeCorder offers the superior performance and high reliability expected of a waveform measuring instrument.

Product Features

Yokogawa ScopeCorder DL850E/DL850EV delivers:

  • Flexibility: Choose and combine up to 19 types of plug-in module to fit a variety of measuring applications. Simultaneously capture and display data from electrical and physical sensor signals.
  • Reliability: Precisely measure signals at high resolution and secure data in the harshest environments with superior isolation technology.
  • Functionality: Combining the signal fidelity of an oscilloscope and data recording of a recorder, data can be thoroughly analyzed in fine detail or viewed as a trend over lon

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