Water Analysis Kit

Water Analysis Kit
Nvis 1101

Product Description

Nvis 1101 Water Analysis kit is a unique and simple kit for determination and analysis of impurities present in water. Water Analysis is the process of detecting undesirable chemical and biological contaminants in the given water sample. The goal is to analyze the impurities of water and check its purity and safety level. Nvis 1101 is provided with all the required accessories like test tubes, syringe, and beakers and various chemicals used.

Product Features

  •  pH level Test, Residual chlorine Test, Chloride Test, Fluoride Test, Iron Test, Total Hardness Test, Ammonia Test
  •  Simple and complete solution for determination of impurities in water
  •  Kit provided in a convenient carrying case
  •  Supplied with glass test tubes, syringe, and beakers
  •  Learning material CD
  •  2 Year Warranty

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