High Performance Liquid Chromatography

High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Product Description

Rigol HPLC L3000 is a very advanced and accurate chromatography instrument. L3000 provides customers with an excellent experience superior to conventional HPLC, and creates infinite possibilities for analytical capability. L3000 is completely operated by software interface, by which setting and calibration process becomes easy. Maximum operating pressure up to 8000 psi provides a wide selection of column to the use. Distinctive design and precision-machined CNC fully guarantee the system stability and extraordinary durability. L3000 is designed to fulfill all needs of modern chemical and pharmaceutical labs, and can also used in manufacturing, food safety, environmental analysis, and more.

Product Features

  •   Excellent detector ensures of precision
  •   Powerful data processing capabilities
  •   Intelligent software provides easy user interface
  •   High sensitivity due to low noise results in lower detection limits
  • UPLC standard Pump Design
  • Comprehensive SST functions makes real-time system monitoring adaptive and reliable
  • Manual integration event input combines with graphic operation to meet different customer`s requirements
  • Different authorization for different users ensures the security of data

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