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30 MHz Oscilloscope with Color LCD Digital Readout & Component Tester

Product Description

Scientech 801C is a 30MHz Oscilloscope with Color LCD Digital Readout & Component Tester. Scientech 801C EasyScope is a new trend Oscilloscope with a digital touch. The Digital Readout backlit Color LCD displays Volts/div. and Time/div. settings. Rugged yet lightweight 801C has a sharp and bright trace. The Vertical bandwidth is more than adequate for all your needs and you can easily view signals up to 40 MHz. A built-in Component Tester makes it an indispensable instrument, as this allows testing of both passive and active components, while connected in-circuit.

Product Features

  • Built-in- Component Tester
  • Bandwidth: 30 MHz
  • X10 Magnification 
  • 20ns max sweep speed 
  • Stable Triggering up to 40 MHz 
  • Alternate Triggering 
  • Sharp display & auto focus 
  • Digital Readout with backlit Color LCD 
  • 1 Year Warranty

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